Summer bailey's day must have started off nice enough


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Summer bailey's day must have started off nice enough but somewhere it went wrong. was it when she went shopping only to be struck by an overactive bladder? was it the second she decided not to wait to go home and instead use a public restroom. it can be pinpointed to the very second that a white stranger followed her inside in hopes of getting his dong wet. he waited booty the wall as bailey got naked and very vulnerable. he seized the moment and risked getting cut as he gave summer bailey some unwanted attention. as her ebony twat was being rubbed she decided to blow the base of his cock and work her way north. her nose kept touching the wall as her mouth wasn't given any time off from cracker consumption. her dripping cootchie was next up in line for relentless pounding. her boobs bouncing in the air, her butt spread as far as possible, and very real chance of getting caught with her pants down. watch closely as the throbbing white penis shoots wave after wave of white seed right down her throat. all that goo and not drop was wasted.

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